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Acolyte Ministry

Young parishioners may serve the church as Acolytes beginning in about the third or fourth grade.  Acolytes often continue through their high school years, graduating to the lead position of Crucifer. 

The Crucifer and Acolytes lead the procession as the start of the service, as well as the recessional at the end.  They also serve communion, light and extinguish candles, hold the Gospel during readings, and wear beautiful red robes. Please consider serving in this ministry.

For more information, please contact the church office at 907-563-3341.

Acolyte training in progress...


Godly Play

Stepping into St. Mary’s children’s chapel one sees a notable simplicity, a child-friendly environment with obvious structure, and familiar liturgical colors. Materials are presented at the children’s eye level including the beautiful lectern and altar for role playing. Shelving is at a child’s height, the materials are low, and the adult storyteller sits on the floor. The environment is intentionally simplistic to encourage children to leave behind the secular business of life and enter into a quiet space that offers children openness and opportunity through ritual and story to give language to the sacred through timeless and inclusive Montessori-based manipulatives.

St. Mary’s offers a Godly play service for all children age 4 and up during both the 9:00 am and 11:30 am services in Room 1. Each week, a trained door person greets each child by name and asks, “Are you ready to enter the sacred circle?” Children decide yes, no, or maybe and when/if ready, enter the chapel. After entering the chapel, the service begins with the lighting of the Christ candle and ringing of a gong to center our sacred time together. 

Some weeks are story weeks and others are work weeks. On story weeks, the storyteller shares a Sacred story with the children and afterward, invites the children to wonder either out loud or silently about how the story intersects with the children’s own experience. On work weeks, the children explore the stories throughout the room themselves. They may choose to retell stories, role play in the Godly play chapel, or craft/journal about their perspectives. Most weeks conclude with a feast, which is a celebration of communion with water and a cracker and putting out the Candle.

Godly play intentionally views children as individuals who bring a unique awareness and experience to the Sacred circle that is inherently separate from parents and siblings. Parents are always welcome in the chapel in the parent circle with this intention in mind. We currently have four trained storytellers with 3-5 years experience in Godly play and about 10 door person volunteers who rotate throughout the year to participate in this beautiful ministry.  

Godly Play Resources: