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What To Expect

What's in the service?

Worship services include Bible readings from the Old and New Testaments, a Psalm, a sermon based on the day's scriptures, an affirmation of faith using one of the Creeds, congregational prayers, music and hymns, and a celebration of the Holy Eucharist (communion).

What's a liturgy?

As an Episcopal church, St. Mary's follows a liturgy, which is a pattern of scripture readings, prayers, and congregational responses that are set forth in the Book of Common Prayer. Although the content of services changes from week to week, the pattern of worship remains basically the same throughout the year.

Participatory Worship

The congregational responses throughout the service make Episcopal worship participatory worship. As a visitor, you are welcome to follow along and join in with us.

Many, but not all of us, kneel or cross ourselves at various points in the service. These actions are personal aids to worship and are purely optional. If you don't feel comfortable worshiping in this way, that's no problem. If you find these traditions helpful, that's great too!

More About the Episcopal Church

For more information about practices and traditions, visit the website for the National Episcopal Church.

Please join us for worship at St. Mary's. We look forward to meeting you!