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The preacher for this Sunday, August 3 , will be the

Rev. Sara Gavit.

Children's Chat

childrens chat

Throughout the church year, our Children’s Ministry team partners with the Outreach Committee to get kids and families involved in activities around the community.Whether it’s packing rice for FISH, making prayer pillows, or participating in a talent show at a local nursing home there are opportunities throughout the year to get involved.

There are also many ways parents can instill the importance of service to their children at home.

Here is an excerpt from another new book for our Parenting with Faith library to be made available in the Cry Room this fall.

“Catch Them Serving

Aaron, age three, was so proud to help his dad carry tools and put them in a box as his family got ready to move.Pausing to take a break, Ned ruffled his adoring son’s hair and announced, ‘This is my best helper!’Aaron beamed.

One of my favorite pieces of wisdom that parents and their children have taught me over the years is that ‘our children become what we tell them they are.’If we tell our children that they are serving, that they are helping others, they will grow up and become servant leaders.Unfortunately, the reverse is also true.If we tell them they are self-absorbed and focused only on themselves, they will not disappoint us.

What extraordinary power we have in telling our kids who they are and then watching them become that.Children endow their parents with the ability to know everything.Then, they assume that all we tell them is true.Therefore, we need to be very, very careful how we use words.

So often, we think of ‘catching’ children doing something wrong.What difference would it make if we ‘caught’ them doing it right, such as serving?Let’s thank them and tell them what a difference their service makes. “

From For Heaven’s Sake! Parenting Preschoolers Faithfully

by Marilyn Sharp

Tree for Picnic


Church Picnic in Honor of our Sixtieth Anniversary Year

On August 17th, we will begin a series of celebrations of our history, our present blessings, and our future, filled with the promises and possibilities of God. We will begin on Sunday 8/17 with a main service at 10AM, followed by a church picnic. At that time, we will celebrate the groundbreaking of The Thomas Center for Senior Leadership, our new supported housing project for Seniors. We will also be planting a Deborah maple to commemorate this 60th year of ministry and community at St. Mary's. This tree will stand as a symbol of our strength through times of hardship and delight, and in honor of all those whose labors have helped build the Body of Christ at St. Mary's. May all praise and thanksgiving be to God!

Please mark the date of August 17th on your calendars now!

If you would like to be involved in planning or helping with this church picnic, or any other anniversary events, we would welcome your support! Please contact the church office at 563-3341 ext. 12., or by e-mail at


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2014 Vestry:

Outreach -Susannah Olnes

Adult Education - Ann Lovejoy

Pastoral Care - Kris Green

Youth Ministry - Hannah Moderow

Worship I- Ann Spohnholz

Worship II - Megan Baldino

Community Building- Val Baffone

Children's Ministry- Teresa Neeno

Early Childhood - William Theuer

Stewardship- Mike Hamm

Junior Warden - Bob Bradley

Senior Warden- Ron Pollock

Meier Lake Board of Directors - Liz Rockwell

Playschool Admin Council-

Caitlin Elam

Building the Church

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