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About Us

"Love your neighbor as yourself," Jesus told the multitudes.

And then He was asked, "Who is my neighbor?"

Jesus replied with the parable of the Good Samaritan. (Luke 10:29)

St. Mary's began as a small circle of friends seated on folding metal chairs in an old garage, worshiping the Lord and dreaming big dreams. Half a century later, we are found in small groups, gathering around the table for fellowship, sharing meals at one of our traditional potlucks, learning at Bible Study, offering healing prayers or planning the ministries we will carry forth in Christ's name.

St. Mary's also hosts spiritual retreats, Bible studies, professional counseling, youth group and Christian education for all ages. Additionally, the St. Mary's family reaches out to the larger community in many ways. The church's buildings are in constant use by various organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous and F.I.S.H. (Friends In Service to Humanity) food pantry. St. Mary's Creative Playschool touches the lives of many children and parents.

The historical list of similar member activities over the years is almost endless, yet the main contribution of the church family is in personal ministries. St. Mary's volunteers serve in a "hands-on" capacity in everything from radio reading for the blind to kids' soccer coaching. St. Mary's is really a church in ministry to the community and the world we live in.

We invite you to join in our family, in our worship, in our fellowship, in our prayers and in our ministries.